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For those who do not want to stay at reastaurant's premises we offer professional and complex catering  for any event: from family dinner to corporate outdoor recreation! When inviting relatives, friends or colleagues we often prefer no to spent time cooking and serving food. Using catering by kosher reatsurant "Le'chaim"  you can be sure that everything will be done faultlessly and you will get only positve emotions on the event.  

Our specialists have vast experience in organisation of different levels events: from breakfasts to gala-banquets. We will most carefully listen and try to fully embody all your wishes. You can order for catering any courses from our menu and surprise your guests ordering cake at our restaurant as well. 

For those who wants to get rid of any issues connected to the event organisation and to get a faultlessly organised banquet we offer to organise any event  all included. We will not only make and cook the menu but decorate the hall with ballons, flowers or any other decorative elements you choose.  

Adress: 2, Lermontovsky pr., Saint-Petersburg, the building of Grand Choral Synagogue 

Phone: +7 (812) 572-56-16
Phone: +7 (921) 925-91-51

E-mail: lechaim.spb@gmail.com

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