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Tourist service

Kosher restaurant "Le'chaim" invites travel companies to cooperation. At your disposal there are three dining-halls where several groups of tourists can be served simultaneously - you can order at our restaurant meal service for tourist groups numbered from several persons to 200 people. 

The menu is presented by kosher cuisine but there is not only traditional Jewish food but the most popular courses from different European cuisines as well. Such a vast menu provides an opportunity to choose variant of meal for any touristic group regarding the ration peculiriaties and taste preferences.   

Tourist menu is provided on request: please send an e-mail on tourlechaim@gmail.com. To our visitors we can offer different variants of meal: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and lunch boxes that will be especially convenient to your tourists, for example, in town trips.  

When planning a visit you can add a tour to Grand Choral Synagogue to a meal at "Le'chaim" restaurant - just inform us that you need a tour when ordering a meal. We can organize the "Jewish St.-Petersburg heritage" unique tour upon your previous request as well.The restaurant is located in the central part of the city close to main sightseeing objects so you can easily plan a visit not spending too much time on a wy there. 


Adress: 2, Lermontovsky pr., Saint-Petersburg, the building of Grand Choral Synagogue 

Phone: +7 (812) 572-56-16
Phone: +7 (921) 925-91-51

E-mail: lechaim.spb@gmail.com

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