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Saturday's meal

Saturday's meal is one of the essential moments of Saturday, which transfers it's mood to the whole day and certainly requires special preparations. The table is laid in a special way: holiday tablecloth, dinner-service, the candles are lit and the vine  is poured. Various dishes for this day are made only of the best products. 

Everything creates the atmosphere of not just an old tradition followed but of the real holiday. We are happy to invite you to visit holiday meals at "Lehaim" restaurant which is opened on preliminary order this day. You can choose any dishes from the menu or order standard set and we will help you not only to enjoy the most tasty dishes of kosher cuisine but to really feel the spirit of holiday. 

For all the details  to order Shabbat meals please contact : Tourlechaim@gmail.com
                                                 +7(812) 572-56-16
The price for Friday evening meals is 2000 rubles per person
The price for Saturday lunch meals is 1400 rubles per person
Children under 13 years old - 50% discount for Shabbat meals
Check the time when the meals are served in advance please 

Adress: 2, Lermontovsky pr., Saint-Petersburg, the building of Grand Choral Synagogue 

Phone: +7 (812) 572-56-16
Phone: +7 (921) 925-91-51

E-mail: lechaim.spb@gmail.com

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